Banking Basics 1. A routing number is the nine digit code found on the left hand side of your check and it identifies the bank where your account is held. Your account number is the second set of numbers following the routing number. 2. Packing a lunch just twice a week instead of spending $10 at the local deli canRead More

Huawei ban won’t make the US fall behind in 5G technology, experts say

The United States won’t fall behind in the introduction of next-generation 5G mobile networks if Huawei stays banned there, experts told CNBC, though smaller countries and potentially even Europe could suffer from reduced competition. Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei — along with China’s state media — have argued that banning Huawei will reduce competition, increase the cost of 5G networkingRead More

France targets Google, Amazon and Facebook with 3% digital tax

The French government on Wednesday introduced a tax aimed at internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, forging ahead with stricter regulation on big tech without broad-based support from the European Union. The 3 percent tax will apply to the French revenues of roughly 30 major companies, mostly from the U.S. France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire estimated theRead More

9 Essential Investor Tips for 2019

Here are nine super-charged investor tips to start your 2019 on the right track. 1. Take control by saving for retirement. If you insist on waiting until you have “enough” money to invest in your own retirement, you might find your definition of “enough” growing and growing, and you might never start at all. WhenRead More