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Huawei ban won’t make the US fall behind in 5G technology, experts say

The United States won’t fall behind in the introduction of next-generation 5G mobile networks if Huawei stays banned there, experts told CNBC, though smaller countries and potentially even Europe could suffer from reduced competition. Chinese telecommunications equipment giant Huawei — along with China’s state media — have argued that banning Huawei will reduce competition, increase the cost of 5G networkingRead More

France targets Google, Amazon and Facebook with 3% digital tax

The French government on Wednesday introduced a tax aimed at internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook, forging ahead with stricter regulation on big tech without broad-based support from the European Union. The 3 percent tax will apply to the French revenues of roughly 30 major companies, mostly from the U.S. France’s Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire estimated theRead More