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7 financial tips and facts

For most, October marks the beginning of autumn, Halloween celebrating, and preparation for the holiday season. However, what some might not realize is that October is also home to Financial Planning Month. For people either just starting out their careers or those who are about to enter into retirement, financial planning and budgeting can beRead More

7 Financial Facts About Americans That May Surprise You

1. One-third of Americans have $1,000 in retirement savings. The Employee Benefit Research Institute conducted a study to determine how much Americans put away in savings for retirement. The study revealed that 36% of Americans had only $1,000 tucked away for retirement. 2. Many Americans plan to work until death. Even more alarming is the fact thatRead More


Banking Basics 1. A routing number is the nine digit code found on the left hand side of your check and it identifies the bank where your account is held. Your account number is the second set of numbers following the routing number. 2. Packing a lunch just twice a week instead of spending $10 at the local deli canRead More